Licensed Master NLP Practitioner

License NLP Master Practioner Level Course

Get Approved By Society of NLP, Richard Bandler, co-creator of NLP. Get your license signed by the creator as you train with Zehra Bucak, C.Ht.


When you were born, you did not know how to walk.

By modeling others who can walk, you learned what you did need to do in order to create balance. Then, you paid attention to and focused on what you did. You had to think and focused on the action of walking. You had to use your consciousness. However, after time and practice, to walk became a part of you. If someone asks you how you walk, you will stop and think. You are not aware of the actions you take step by step in order to walk. You do  without knowing and thinking.

This is the Master Level of NLP. 


NLP will be your second language. You will do NLP without you becoming aware of yourself doing NLP. 


In this level, 


You will be able to change someone’s lives and beliefs without any effort.

You use many techniques and skills, simultaneously. When someone asks you how you do what you do, You will make your unconscious conscious to answer the question. 


At the end of this intense 7 days course, 


You have the ability to master the basic skills, techniques, patters and concepts of NLP:


1.Behavioral competency in all Practioner level skills and the demonstration to do several of these simultaneously.

2.The ability to design behavioral flexibility and attitudes that produce specific results with self and others

3.Minimum ability to identify, elicit and utilize the Master Practitioner skills, techniques and patterns linguistically:

  • Changing Belief
  • Eliciting & Utilizing Meta-Programs
  • Criteria; 

             - Identification of and Utilization of Criteria

             -Adjusting Criteria

  • Sleight of Mouth Patterns
  • Deliberate multilevel Communications

            -Stacking Realities

            -Timeline Patterns

            -Stacking Presuppositions

            -Temporal/Spatial Predicates

  • Negotiating
  • Propulsion Systems
  • Installing Strategies
  • Threshold Patterns
  • Breaking Generalization & Building New Ones
  • Rapid Inductions, Deep Trance Phenomena
  • Deep Trance Identification

4. Demonstrated ability to do change work with self and others.


as a requirement of the society of NLP......