Foundation of NLP

Foundation of Nlp Course


Get the Certification SIGNED BY RICHARD BANDLER and Your Trainer ZEHRA BUCAK


This course is for people who are new and interested in NLP.


You want to improve your life as you learn how to communicate, effectively.

You want to learn how to understand other people and yourself so that you can get what you want.

You want to get rid of limitation’s of your unconscious mind.

You are not sure when you want to take the license NLP Practitioner course.

You are looking for solutions to your challenges.


Whether you want to improve yourself in your your personal or professional life or you want to increase your sale and double the income,

The foundation of nlp course is what you are after. 


In this 2 day intense workshop


  • You learn the basic understanding and skills behind NLP which gives you the clarity about your world and other people’s world
  • You understand who you are and who you want to be. 
  • You find the HOPE 
  • You have the belief that you can get your power back 
  • You have the belief you can change your belief
  • You learn to believe in yourself
  • You gain the confidence and motivation to make the all necessary unconscious changes in your life for getting the life you want.
  • and



by learning;

  • Basic Understanding, Skills and Principle behind NLP 
  • How your mind works
  • What Hypnosis is 
  • How hypnosis works 
  • What Belief
  • How your belief can affect your life
  • Power of unconscious mind 
  • Basic communication and negotiation skill       and more…….